The Essence of The Motorcyclista

I created this blog to share my experiences, knowledge, current events & happenings and opinions to connect with other female motorcycle riders and form a community. We make up the fastest growing demographic in the motorcycle industry and have the ability to influence it.

To be a female rider today, you can see the magnificent evolution from the days of being a Harley-riding "Biker Chick". I look forward to blogging about my life in a big city on a bike, my travels, trends that I'm seeing, highs & lows and all else for the "love of the ride".

Read more about how you can easily transition from a long ride to blend in at work, a restaurant, shopping, etc. Sometimes all it takes is a simple accessory!

Starting Your Wardrobe

In this post I offer a beginners guide and tips to starting your motorcycle wardrobe...


My 10 Tips For Buying a Used Motorcycle

Should you choose to buy a used motorcycle there is a standard checklist that you should use when shopping online, looking at bikes and negotiating a fair price. But I add some additional tips that you should consider from my own buying experience...

Renting A Motorcycle?

If you've never rented a motorcycle before, you may assume that it is similar to renting a car...not the case! I share my experience renting for the first time. You can't afford to miss the "Dos and Don'ts" and lessons I learned. It could save you frustration and ultimately a costly experience...